Our Stories


VPAS empowers our older neighbors to lead engaged lives. 
In their own words, here's how we're making an impact.


"You have no idea how helpful you were to me and my family today. Here I was, a senior myself, coming to a community where I know no one and unfamiliar to me at all levels - geographically, social, medical, etc.  You made it possible for me to help them in my absence. You were friendly, informative, welcoming and knowledgeable. Plus you made yourself and your agency's resources accessible. I can not thank you enough! God bless you and VPAS." - Relative of a Senior Transportation rider


"I am sending another contribution to you because you have helped me since my fall when I broke my hip. You should know that getting meals helped me because I can put them in the microwave and not worry about using the stove." -Meals on Wheels Recipient and donor


"Matter of Balance has helped me to not be afraid of getting older anymore." - Matter of Balance participant


"Every time the presentation of the meal from the drivers is excellent and respectful.  They are very nice, good people who also check on you to make sure you're doing o.k.  The person who delivers my meal is always very concerned with anything pertaining to my health and welfare." - Meals on Wheels Recipient


"I am so impressed by what you accomplish in our community.  For me, it is a wonderful feeling to know that people's lives are made better through my gifts to VPAS. Thank you for everything you do! " - VPAS donor


"I just finished watching the workshop link you sent.  I can't thank you enough for that tremendously informative and invaluable resource, and the resources detailed from the amazing presenters!!  Wow!  This video is SO helpful and packed with a plethora of priceless, thought-provoking information.  And I really liked that this workshop not only depicted the realm of current aging family but also the arena of all our aging futures and options for consideration encompassing those. I especially enjoyed learning about Valley Village and the wealth of services and vetted vendor care they provide for aging members who live in their own home. ALL the speakers were just fabulous, and I harnessed knowledge and joy from every one of them! Thank you greatly for every single thing, and moment, of your kind assistance in helping us to find a better home for Mom. - Workshop Participant